Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Beginning

I can't believe I'm doing this.  When blogging first became popular, I confess that I thought it was - at best - stupid.  Nothing more than a way for too many people to share too many thoughts for not enough people that care.  In short, blogging is extremely self-serving.

I'm happy to say that I'm wrong.  Yes, blogging can be self-serving, but so can many things that are good for you (exercise, for one).  It can be self-serving, but it can also be productive, helpful, other-centered.  (Not that mine is - I'm just saying....)

So here I am, laying down my sanctimonious pride and giving this thing a shot.  It is an act of humility.  I want to be a professional writer, so here I am.  It seems to be a prerequisite for publishing today.  And even if it's not, if I have that wrong, I hope that this space will give me an opportunity to flesh out ideas and discipline myself.

As you bear with me, dear Reader, you may expect random opinion-sharing (such as this), links to information that interests me (from politics to religion to parenting - you know, all the tabu subjects), and updates on my budding writing career.  Oh, and hopefully some humorous observations about life as well, probably quoted from my 2 1/2 year old son (who is by far wittier than I am).  Just to be fair, of course, I'll give my 10 month old daughter some quote space as well.  In her words, "nana, UH!, uh-oh, dada".


  1. Can I tell you that:
    1. I am excited that you are blogging.
    2. I get to be your first comment. EVER.
    3. I love you and will ALWAYS be along for the ride, sweet friend!

  2. Jenny,
    I am so glad you are blogging. You are an incredible writer and I look forward to reading your thoughts. You go, girl!