Thursday, October 7, 2010

I have the best friends...

This blog is my sweet friend's fault.  Her name is Jen Ferguson, and we've been friends for about fifteen years.  She started a blog last summer and encouraged me to start this one.  She also encourages me as a mother, wife, writer.  You name it, and she's helping me walk my path.  I love my dear friend and am very thankful for her.

Today, she sent me a gift.  An award, actually.  She awarded me a Lovely Blog Award, which she received from another blogger.  I think this one of the highest forms of praise: accommodation from those "in the field" trying to slug it out daily like I am.  They know from whence they come, so their praise means all the more.

Here's the award:

Part of accepting it is a call to "pay it forward" to 15 new blogs you enjoy.  I'm still fairly new to the blogging world, so I can't list 15 blogs yet!  But, here's a list that inspire me in one way or another.  Enjoy (and feel free to suggest blogs to me...I'm interested in reading witty blogs about politics, writing, and motherhood):

1.  Finding Heaven.  Jen's blog about finding God in the daily.

2.  Fullness of a Joyful Heart.  A blog about motherhood. 

3.  Farmama.  A blog about sustainable living.  I wish I was cool enough to live like this.


  1. I'm so glad it's my "fault!" But, you know, I'm even more glad that you are my bestest friend ever!

  2. I hear ya about the new career. It seems to help to have a predictable schedule and at least one thing different each day of the week. I'm glad you took the 20 minutes. Grab it when you can because often the kid(s) dictate the schedule.

    A few of the blogs I follow...
    Each is written by a very funny, witty mom about her life as a SAHM.
    A mom who struggles with how to help her kids become successful eaters.
    Reviews of Austin venues/events from a mom of small kids.
    An Austin mom with a HUGE following. She talks about home management but also has blogs spun off of her site on kids, homeschooling, & food.
    A spin off of Simple Mom written by a dad who does couples counseling.
    Written by a family therapist and pediatrician. Good stuff.