Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noonday Collection

Hi friends,

You may notice a new button on my blog: Noonday Collection (look to your right and scroll down).  This is my friend Jessica's new company.  She's launched a women's accesory company, accessible via her website and home-based trunk shows, to support women around the world.  All products are made by women in impoverished situations, looking for ways to support themselves and their families.  It's fair trade and its finest.  Also, a portion of the proceeds from every sale help families adopt orphans the world over.  Go check out the site to learn more!

Thanks, Jenny

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog - the reading list at a spacious place. I have read Things Fall Apart but not The Women Warrior. I'll have to check it out. FInishing up The Poured Fire Down on Us right now. It's a Lost Boys of Sudan memoir. I'm going to check out the noonday collection. i love fair trade shopping. Nice to meet you!