Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Schooled



I'm all giddy with excitement today.  The kids are happily installed at their new preschool, and I'm alone - truly alone - for the first time in months.

Not that my husband didn't give me reprieves over the summer, for he certainly did.  There's a difference, though, in routine.  In knowing that they're where they're supposed to be, and I have no pressure to make it back in time to relieve my other half.

We prayed and prayed and prayed before putting them in preschool.  They've been in preschool or mom's day out since they were months old, but this year I particularly evaluated the choice.  I'm a stay-at-home mom.  We had already told last year's school we weren't coming back because we thought we were moving cities (which we aren't, by the way).  My husband is currently looking for work.  So, shouldn't they stay home full-time?

Logically, I thought the answer was yes.  Money is tight, and my heart is - has always been - to be their primary everything (including educator).  The decision was simple, hardly a decision at all.  But then I prayed.  And the unexpected popped into my brain.  St. Michael's.

Hmmm, I thought, what did you say?

St. Michael's, came the answer (as it would continue to come for many weeks of praying after that first day in late July).

St. Michael's is our church.  It's wonderful, and the preschool has an amazing reputation.  Beyond that, the preschool's approach to learning seems to be prefect for our son, in particular.  But, the school is relatively expensive, and it also happens to be thirty minutes away from our house.  One way.

So, more money on school that isn't necessary, and more money on gas, and less time for mommy to write, and am I abandoning my duty as a mom by putting them in school?  These are the thoughts that had me waffling on the decision for some weeks.  So, I asked again, what did you say?

Isn't it funny that God works like this?  I'm sharing this story because (a) I'm so excited that school has started again I can't help talking about it!  And, (b) there's a salient point here.

God sees the big picture; we don't.

God has the plan; we don't.

God tells us the next step; we need to take it.

I don't completely understand why we're at a new place - a place that seems totally beyond us, as if it's off the side of where we're standing instead of directly in front of us on the path we thought we were walking.  It will take a giant leap to get from where we are to this new spot over to the right.  A giant leap of faith, that is, because the rest, after all, is just details.

I don't quite get it, but, I also don't need to understand.  Because, I know God.  I know that He knows.  I find such confidence and, yes, JOY in that knowledge, that hope.  There are treasures here, in this new place, that He knows we will discover along the way.  That's part of my excitement as well.  We have left one season behind and started another, and that's always a fun adventure.

So, here's to new beginnings!  May yours be filled with the joy of discovery as well.  En-joy.

Linking up with my friends at Soli Deo Gloria today.  This is the last week to secure a discounted hotel room for the October retreat.  Don't forget!  We're going to have a great time, and you are invited!!!!


  1. Joy in the knowledge that He knows. Oh, yes. I'm learning this, albeit slowly.

  2. I am beyond jealous of your silence and super excited for the opportunity your kids have!

    So, are you in for the summer snapshot next week? You know, I proposed we do a vlog next...you know you want to.

    Appreciate you leading up prayer for the retreat.

  3. Stopping in from SDG today- and smiling at the thought of SILENCE. Four out of my five headed to school last week, but my NOISIEST girl is still here :) Love how you are letting God lead your seasons. Blessings to you!

  4. I know that place, that "totally beyond ourself place" - we're there right now - and walking in faith, step-by-step - and always at the right moment, He provides the provision. There is something beautiful in those moments at home when there is total silence. Enjoy!