Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of Seasons & Sign-Offs

I've been dwelling on the notion of seasons lately, especially as I long for a change in our physical season.  We all seem to be holding our breath here in Texas, waiting, hoping, longing for the drought to lift and rain to come, bringing with it cooler temperatures and the shift into fall.

As I long for that seasonal turn, I look to my own life and see a shift happening there as well.  I have experienced one, full, glorious year of full-time stay-at-home mommyhood.  Now, while I am still primarily a stay-at-home mom, thank God, I am also a part-time worker bee, a writer, and one who is still trying to find balance and healing (in my body, specifically).  The addition of working at night and on the weekends is wearing me down, so something has to give.  It's like a tree that has to shed its leaves in order to experience new growth come spring: I cannot continue producing right now; I must shed some things.

So, I'm signing off for a while.  The blog is being put on hold.  I might throw up some posts every now and again, but it will be even less regularly than it currently is.  I'm doing this to make room for my novel and for rest.  I'm getting much stronger physically, but I still have a ways to go.  Your prayers are always appreciated for that part of my journey (or, heck, any part of it!).

Thank you for a wonderful year of bloggy-hood.  I pray grace and peace over you, my readers and friends.  In Him, Jenny

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  1. As always, lifting you up in prayer in all seasons.

  2. Jenny,
    I have an unfinished email to you hanging out in my drafts folder...maybe you will get it this week.

    First, good job, you. You know you need a break to find balance and you are taking it.

    Second, I always enjoy your words. Please keep me updated on your writing adventures. I look forward to your "occasional" posts.

    Praying for you now.

  3. You've taken the hardest step. I'm praying you'll find rest for your body.

  4. Oh, Jenny -- we'll miss you!! Pour yourself into that novel, though. Get it all out. You're wise to recognize how He works in the seasons of our lives.

    Can I email you sometime to check up on you?