Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Piecing it Together

That's a picture of a puzzle my husband and I started the week after Christmas.  It has 1,000 pieces.  Miraculously, we've managed to keep our one and two-year-olds from messing up the process and losing any pieces (at least, we hope we have!).  We work on it at night when we're not too tired.  Today I had a few moments so I re-engaged the puzzle.  As I did, these thoughts emerged:
  • Pieces rarely, if ever, fit where I think they will.
  • If I can't find that missing piece, it's normally because I've categorized it into the wrong pile (I pile pieces according to puzzle sections before I begin).
  • I always have to take a second look before I find the piece I'm looking for (and normally a third and fourth look).
  • The longer I look, the more of the big picture I am able to see.
  • It's easy for me to see the path to finishing a puzzle that's not meant for me - a two-year-old, "large piece" puzzle, for example.  It's much harder when I'm dealing with a puzzle that fits into my life stage.  I have to follow where the pieces lead, rather than directing them myself.
I want to be a good puzzle-put-together-er.  (I know, no such word, but you get my meaning.)  When I think about how to craft my life, how to steward the gift of this lifetime He has given me, I want to follow, not lead.  I want to let sight unfold, acting as more of an active, participatory observer than an author.  I want to quit thinking I know how things should fit together and instead let the pieces fall where they will.  The picture is much more beautiful if I let the Puzzle Master have His way.


  1. I want to be a good puzzle-putter-together-er too! I am so using that term again.

  2. Me too...I just bought one today in fact! so funny:) God sure is saying something to me today from everyone's post!

  3. Love, love, love the application of this. Your thoughts no the art of putting together a puzzle are fascinating...and oh so true....and how like life it is at times. :o)

  4. "I have to follow where the pieces lead, rather than directing them myself." So very true...and so very much easier for me to say than live. Thank you for this!