Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Stripping

It's really hard to becoming something when you're already something else.

This is the thought I awoke with as I asked God what to write about today.  "What are you doing in my life right now?" I asked.  "Stripping," was the thought that returned.  "So true," I responded in my mind.

I'm in a process of stripping, sometimes intentionally and sometimes I watch as God takes things away that I no longer need.  It's happening in all areas of my life: relationships; old patterns; lifestyle choices.  It doesn't feel like a change or a transformation.  I literally feel like he's sloughing off dead weight.

So often in life we take on things that don't serve us well.  More precisely, we pick up things - relationships, activities, commitments, ideas - that don't serve Him, not just well, but at all.  Perhaps we intend to simply pick up things for a while, perhaps we don't even mean to pick them up at all.  Eventually we not only wear them, we become them.  They seep into our identity, our fiber, our skin.  And we wonder why we feel so heavy at times, why life weighs down on us to the point of exhaustion, or worse, depression.

The picture that came with the words this morning was that of a rose.  To keep a rose healthy so that it can keep blooming, you have to strip it.  Take off the dead weight of blooms that have outstayed their usefulness in order to make room for new growth.  What do you need to "dead head" in your life today?  I'm clear about some things and still wondering about others.  I know that it will be interesting to see where this season leads.  I look forward to a lighter way of life. 

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  1. i like the idea of "dead heading" things to make room for new growth. i coming out of a period of rest and experiencing new growth as i pick up teaching at church again. thanks for visiting my blog today! i'll email you about your specific questions.

  2. So well said! I echo all of your thoughts...and excellent word pictures. I'm in a pruning season, too. Not all is clear, but it's a process.

  3. You know, God has had me in a season of pruning activities, but now I feel He is moving into behaviors, thought processes, and mind-sets that I've had for a long time. I love your first line -- it's hard to become something when you are already something else. My prayer is that He remakes me.

  4. Love this! I am still pondering what needs to be "stripped" at this point. Thank you for the insight.

  5. This. is. beautiful. In that I needed to hear it and remind myself that being stripped is good. It is making room for the beauty hidden under the things you have been carrying that hide it.

    That first line...it spoke directly to my heart.

  6. Me too...anxious and excited to see where this season is going..reminds me of Erin's post today:)
    It is a season of stripping or what? Just feels like it is a common ground for us women lately? just wondering
    love the word picture of the rose..

  7. I love your insight in "It really hard to become something when you're already something else. "I find myself in a process in this season too. Defining myself by who I am (whose I am) instead of what I do.

  8. What a great visual. I love the idea of "stripping". God has spoke to my heart on New Years Day about something in my life that I needed to strip. It was a continual sin from my old life and I needed to get rid of it. Now He can work and allow new growth to grow in me.