Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Musings

A good friend recently posted some fun facts about herself on her website.  She's inspired me to do the same, particularly because I've spent the last ten minutes internally laughing at one of my quirks.  For more, read on!

The Librarian

As a child I had friends, and was even considered popular by some.  Regardless, I always had a book in my hand.  This was such a habit that a childhood friend dubbed me "The Librarian" (an incredibly geeky nickname!).  I would be in the middle of a party, completely engaged in the conversation in my mind, yet I seemed like a loner, cowering in some corner with my nose in a book.  What can I say?  The books were more fascinating than my girlfriends' latest rants about New Kids on the Block or who was going steady with whom.  They also gave me a safe place to retreat to when I felt overwhelmed or uncomfortable.  Most importantly, though, they partially satisfied my insatiable curiousity.  My favorites in elementary school?  The Anne of Green Gables series, hands down. 

I'm so grateful to my friends.  All of them, from elementary school until now, have gently teased me about my obsession with books, but they all also support/supported it.  Especially in elementary school, this acceptance for my quirkiness was crucial to my self-esteem.  They blessed my hungry intellect, rather than disparaged it.  For that, I owe them much (if you're reading, my friends from Doss, thank you!).

How does this relate to today's stint of laughing at myself?  I currently have eight - count them, eight - books on my bedside table (this does not include one book on my dining room table, one book in my computer bag, and several books on my desk).  I am actively reading all of them.  Call it A-D-D if you will (it's not, but whatever): I yearn for information and have a hard time shutting my brain off.  I never read only one book at a time.  It's, like, impossible, for me to read just one thing at a time.  If you ever find me doing that, run out and buy the book right away.  It must be a doozie.

A Proud Daughter

Another piece of random information: my father is a lung transplant recipient (three years now - thank God!).  I've never really talked about how the process of learning he needed a lung, waiting for one, then finally getting one affected me.  I'm not yet ready to talk about it still, but I wanted to share this link about my dad: Forrest Roan at the American Lung Association.  I'm proud of him.

What If?

My stepmother recently hosted a Christmas party during which she asked all of us to write down on a piece of paper what we would be doing with our lives if money, intellect, or talent were no object (in other words, if we had no limitations).  My answer?  I would be running a goat cheese operation on my wind energy farm in West Texas, and possibly running cattle on the land as well.  If it were viable, I'd dedicate some of the space to a solar farm.

What would you be doing?

XOXO, Jenny "The Librarian" Forgey

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  1. I'm a librarian too. I have at least 5 books on the go right now. My husband keeps wondering how I do it all. In fact, I had the books and an audio book going last week. :)

    If money and time were no object, I'd be touring Europe with my family and exploring all the museums and cultures we could soak up.

  2. I love and adore books! I remember in 5th grade during a social studies lesson my teacher caught me with my book of the moment hidden behind the text book. A trick I learned, though not proficiently, from our beloved Anne.

  3. Erin, your post truly blessed my mommy heart today! Thank you. And your comment cracked me up: I used to hide books in my textbooks too. I had completely forgotten about that!!!

    Michelle, I'm so with you...I absolutely LOVE museums! I could live in one, I'm convinced.

  4. I think I would be on the beach. Or in an apartment in Manhattan. Or, taking my family to Denmark to see how I lived when I was there.

  5. If money were no object, I would be living in the English countryside (but not too far from a big city) or in Scotland. The days would be spent settling my brain for a few minutes and then volunteering with locals. Lauren would spend a few hours every day with the best teachers and peers EVER. After our naptime cuddling, we would go on an adventure. My husband would work 6 hour days and join us in the early afternoon for a walk. We would make dinner together and read stories. And of course we would vacation in Spain. :-)