Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lily walked!

The quick version....  Our daughter, Lilian (aka Lily), has an unexplained gross motor delay, diagnosed around ten months of age.  At that point, she wasn't rolling, pulling up to sitting or standing, cruising, any of the above.  Needless to say, she did not crawl or walk.  After seven months of fears, hopes, specialists, and therapists, we still have little to no information to explain why she has to struggle in this area.  BUT, whether or not we understand physically what's going on in her body, we know this: she's a fighter!  And a hard-worker.  And she rarely complains much.

Intuitively, I had this feeling she would walk at sixteen months.  Our latest therapist, a very well-meaning, realistic woman who has honestly been very helpful, thought I was setting my sights high when we started with her in December.  However, today, when Lily is exactly sixteen months and four days old, she took thirteen steps during her therapy session! finally four in a row!


That's pretty much all I have to say about that.  Except, of course, PRAISE GOD and THANK YOU to all who have prayed and helped in any and every way. 

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