Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Five Minute Friday


I'm on my period so it's been a tired day.  Between that and 2 1/2 hours at the pool, we are all zonked.  It's interesting to me that my period takes so much out of me, like a blood-sucking leech.  The analogy is apt.

I know this is probably not an appropriate topic for the blogosphere, but it's on my mind, and this is five-minute-friday, which to me means "writing without editing" style.  Welcome to my Morning Pages.

For years I would sink low during these days, quite literally, and have little to no energy to handle life.  Now I know why.  Periods - or any other number of processes in the body - trigger cortisol production.  My adrenal glands don't make enough, so I haven't had enough, so I've been tired.  It's like trying to run a car on fumes.  At some point, it just don't go and you wind up with sputter, sputter, sputter.

My moral?

It takes energy to heal.

Or to create (in the form of ovulation and periods).  Or to produce...well, really, anything of value...ovum, babies, a good blog post.

What goes in must comes out, right?  What do I put in me - literally, physically - in order to produce the energy I need (not that I can produce cortisol - I can't; but I can create a healthy internal environment so that I don't need as much cortisol...that is the lesson for me)?  Do I ingest chemicals and toxic substances, preservatives that sit and rot inside my belly, preserving, or healthy, whole-food goodness?  What I am meant for and made for?  The choice is mine.  Give car gas, or give car a synthetic substance that looks/tastes/smells like gas but has no substantial properties representing the essence of gas at all.

The analogy continues.  It is a cycle.  Read it as you wish - in/out, around in a circle, physical/mental/spiritual.  Choose the level you need and go with it.  What are you eating today?


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  1. It does take time to heal, you are quite right.

    Take it slow and easy.

  2. good thoughts, and a challenge besides. Fun to find you through Gypsy Mama. Blessings, and happy eating today. :-)