Sunday, March 4, 2012

Raising Godly Friends

Last Sunday I was catching up on old blog posts when I came across a post on friendship, written by a dear friend of mine.  It stirred up so many "to be processed later when I have more time" places in me that I thought I would share it with my friends for the Hear it on Sunday, Use it on Monday linkup.

Here's a teaser with a link to her site...enjoy!


I used to love hanging out with my friends. Elementary school, Junior High, High School, College are years filled with fun moments of riding bikes, watching movies, sharing pizza, and lots of time sitting in a den or park just sharing our hearts. How I love my friends.

In those same years, I can remember the feelings of insecurity, competitiveness, petty disagreements, and pretty small sighted values, including, the newest band, the clothes du jour, and the way to get around the tethers of our families.

Friends can meet a deep need to feel connected to another soul. There can be laughter, hope, encouragement, acceptance, and a sense of knowing and being known.

They can likewise, create a lowest common denominator experience, where fun withers into friction or worse, unfavorable foci's. Where group think removes conscience or at least lulls participants into homogeneous agreement to not make waves.

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