Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I wrote this poem while participating in a writer's group at my church in the year 2000.  It is meant to be read in a tumbling, forward-falling fashion with pauses precisely where punctuation or extra spaces and line breaks exist.  I recommend reading it aloud to oneself.


a deep, dark hole of desire that twists and turns with every movement moving with the tide of love that binds me to you though at times I don’t remember that I am bound at times I do and I love it and I hate it and I seek it and I make it more than it is.  it is not what I make it is ancient of days material for the masses I move like molasses through its twists and turns sometimes I run and sometimes I weep sometimes I drown and sometimes I creep.  Do you know what I mean?  You know because you are and you made the abyss that encompasses the deep, dark hole in my soul.  In my soul.  A duck quacks in agreement with the pontification of my mind through my pen via my mouth with my soul      in       tow.  Do you know what I mean?  You know because you are and you made the tide of love that binds me to you ancient of days.  Ancient days of love.  Days of ancient love.  Of ancient love days.  What’s the combination?  What’s the difference?  You find me I do not find you.  You love me I cannot love you without you loving me.  You fill me I cannot fill me.  The abyss is yours to uncover to shape to mold to fill.  Here I am your uncovered one do as you will.
I cannot leave it that for there is hope in the longing love in the waiting faith in the hoping.  You love I love that’s how the story goes.  I am yours you are mine once upon a time we both chose.  I cannot see it filling but you know that I am willing and waiting and hoping and longing and I know you.  I know you.  You are in the business of filling.  It won’t be long now.  My hole will be filled as another’s revealed.  That’s the key.  Intimacy.  It is a desire fulfilled and prolonged.
I rejoice
I will never be hungry and never stop hungering for you my source, my bread, my love, my life.  Amen, amen.

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  1. This poem is awesome! It reminds me of a video I saw of a monologue of the woman at the well. I think it's the rocking and rolling rhythm of both pieces that I love so much...I've included the link. http://youtu.be/Q49BbfgJbto

  2. I love the theme of dependency on God throughout this entire poem. And this: "My hole will be filled as another's revealed." Because we will never be perfect and we will always need Him -- in more ways than one.