Monday, May 16, 2011

Mondays are least, this one is!

My mother-in-law took the kids for snuggle night last night.  Actually, she took them at THREE p.m., so my husband and I got:
  1. Alone time (separately - as in, we each spent time by ourselves)
  2. A real, complete date - dinner and a movie
  3. Chill, hang-out time on our new deck (and it wasn't even late yet!)
  4. Lots and lots of talk time (that was mainly for me, of course)
  5. AND, more time alone to unwind at the end of the night
Then, this morning, we woke up when we wanted to - no chillin's screaming our names - and did what we wanted.  It wouldn't be good to live like this everyday (honestly, discipline is a good thing), but it sure felt good to have this morning all to ourselves.


It's gray here in Austin.  Another good thing.  We had record-high days in April (in the '90's every day, I think), but now, in mid-May, we're enjoying a week of temp's in the low '80's, cloud cover, and cool nights.  It is AWESOME.  We all know the blazing heat of summer will arrive too soon, so we're enjoying it while we can.  Lots of park time.

The kids will be back mid-morning just in time for Lily's physical therapy.  In the meantime, I plan to spend time with Jesus, try really hard not to obsess over the MOUNDS of unfolded laundry in the dining room, and write.  One of my main characters is calling my name.  I can't wait to see what he has to say.

There you have it - these are my morning pages for the day.  Enjoy!

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  1. Ahhh what a great relaxing break!(You gotta love MIL's who babysit!) Enjoy the morning!

  2. Love this. Wish my in laws or parents were close so we could have more moments like this. Looking forward to a rare weekend away this weekend.

    Happy Monday.

  3. I think we should schedule alone time, it is amazing what one night without kids does with for us