Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday at the Beach

  1. When you take two toddlers to the beach - by yourself - pack flexibility.  It took us an extra hour to get here yesterday because I stopped for extended periods when I felt they couldn't take it any more.  If I had adhered to a strict plan, I never would have stopped.  The ride would have been shorter, but it also would have been much less peaceful.
  2. Never underestimate the power of getting dirty.  It is seriously fun.  (Lily didn't just play in the sand last night - she covered herself in it.  We found it in hair, on upper arms, on her nose - all on a girl that never actually sat down at the beach.  Giggles abounded.)*
  3. When you're open to whatever happens (see number 1), you might receive unexpected gifts.  Last night, I ended up having one of the best times with the Lord that I've had in months and months.  I had planned to use the time the kids were asleep to write.  Instead, on a whim, I opened my journal first.  Just for a few minutes, I thought to myself.  An hour later I emerged having spent really awesome time with Jesus.  Just what I needed to be able to continue to pour out into the kiddos today.  Thank God!
  4. Sometimes, it's a good idea to say 'yes'.  I spend a lot of time saying 'no' to my children.  Normally this is either to keep them safe ("don't run out into the street!") or because I'm trying to train them up into righteousness.  It gets old, for them and me.  Last night my three-year-old desperately wanted to sleep in the big bed with me.  This is a big no-no at our house, a boundary we don't cross for fear we'll never go back.  But I could tell he was genuinely afraid to be in his own room and, well, heck, it's vacation.  So I said yes.  I didn't sleep well, but it's a memory neither of us will ever forget.  His little heart is full.  Worth it?  Absolutely.
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*Some of you have asked to see pictures of our kids.  While I greatly appreciate your interest in being a part of our lives, I wanted to explain why I don't typically post pic's of the kids.  My husband and I don't feel comfortable putting their images out there for anyone in the world to use as he/she sees fit.  It's one of the ways we try to keep them covered.  So, pic's don't go into the public domain.  We have no judgment against anyone else's choices - this is just our choice for now.  It may change in the future.

I know pictures make a blog much more exciting.  I'm sorry about that.  I'll work on ways of meeting the need while honoring the choice we're making!  Love to all, Jenny


  1. I love the saying yes part. Once I wrote an entire post about how I was going to say yes to my kiddos.

    And getting kids getting dirty? Simply joyful.

    Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. I like that you refrain from posting pics - I think it is a smart decision for you and your family, and honestly your writing is so captivating you won't need pictures in my opinion :) Happy Monday, darlin!

  3. love getting dirty with my kids!

    super cute blog!

    xoxo-your new follower,
    Hannah @ a lovely mess.

    come see me!