Thursday, May 12, 2011


I just read a friend's "Miscellany Monday" post, and it inspired me.  Here's a hodge-podge of thoughts for you on this RAINY Wednesday in Austin:

1.  It's raining!  We've been in drought for months.  The wildfires have been out of control.  Driest April on record, etc.  Over the last several weeks I've felt the collective longing of our city for rain.  I felt it when my priest spoke up during the Prayers of the People: "please Father, send your rain upon our parched, dry, weary ground."  Her cry was sincere.  I felt it when my friend told me she had asked God for rain on her birthday (and it rained on her birthday!!!).  I felt it when I explained to my son why the grass had turned brown. 

Now, I'm sitting in my bedroom listening to the drip-drop of rain fall through the dozens of oak trees on our property.  My bassett hound is barking at the rain, as if to say, "I'm glad you showed up!"  My lab/boxer mix is prancing around smelling everything.  And I feel deeply content.  Settled.  Right with the world.  Our land can breathe a sigh of relief.  There will be growth again.

2.  An update on my novel: I'm on page 77!  I never thought I'd make it this far.  Thanks to everyone for prayers and support!  I'm two chapters into part III (the final part of this book) with five more to go.  I'm thoroughly enjoying writing it and feel like the words fly out of my fingers.

3.  On another literary note, my dad gave me several classic science fiction novels for my birthday.  He said it was time to "educate" me (rib, rib).  Two are by Heinlein, two are by Asimov, and one is Dune.  I devoured Asimov's The Caves of Steel in about a day and a half.  Reading it has renewed my confidence in the relevance of what I'm writing (I had been struggling with self-doubts and criticisms for a few weeks).  Beyond relevance, however, it just felt good to commisurate with another novelist.  The copy Dad gave me has an AMAZING forward by Asimov in which he reflects on his career.  He coined the term 'robotics' (did you know that?) and wrote the first commercially successful robot novel.  Think about that: we wouldn't have Data on Star Wars without Asimov's choice to take a risk and write about something seemingly outlandish! 

I know I have drifted off into total nerd-dom.  The point is that I felt encouraged and inspired to keep going.  You never know where your creative pursuits will lead.  And if you never try, what might the world miss out on?  Because, in the end, your voice is just that: your voice.  There's noboby else's like it - make it heard.

That's it.  Anyone else have any miscellany to share?  Would love to hear from you!

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  1. Page 77 on your awesome is that! Congratulations...keep on going girly!!!